End of the road: openBVE add-on C751A v2.1

I have just published the very last release of the C751A add-on for openBVE, a free, open-source train simulator.

Unfortunately, development of openBVE has in recent months slowed down significantly. There has not been an update for months.

Version 2.1 will be the very last update to the relatively popular C751A add-on – a digital recreation of the 6-car Alstom North East Line trains.

To everyone who downloaded and enjoyed the add-on, a sincere thank you, for your support all the while.

This is the end of the road for the C751A add-on, and there will not be further updates, as I move on to pursue other interests.


joeyfoo.com/openbve <- Download here
SGTrains forum thread

I’m moving content to joeyfoo.com.

You might have noticed I’ve updated my bio on some of my profiles, such as on Twitter. Yep, I’ve started a new personal website!

I’m in the process of moving non-blog content from this site to the new site. I’ve hidden all content from this site, so you’ll probably not find what you want here.

You may be looking for these:

  • About
  • Apps
  • Contact
  • Transport: still not yet migrated
    • openBVE: still not yet migrated
    • Paper bus templates: still not yet migrated

If there’s anything you want missing from this list, drop me a message, and I’ll look into it.

SP Mobile for Windows Phone! (Sort of coming soon…)

I’ve been working on a Windows Phone app for a while now, which has functions similar to SP Mobile, but with a very different user experience.

mockup3aI’ve implemented SP Cam, and half-implemented timetables – it shows you your next two lessons for the day, but I’ve not added a day view yet. It will run on Windows Phone 7 devices.

There’s a product photo above – it’s an actual screenshot, which I uploaded to and generated with PlaceIt. It’s awesome!

I also realised I probably should be working on my assignments which are due next week.

I’m looking for someone to give me a little advice on the UX, maybe work on this app together, and I’m also thinking of publishing apps under a different developer name. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments, please get in touch! 🙂

P.S. If you’re an SP student and have a Windows Phone (7 or 8), get in touch too, I’ll love to add you to the beta-program-app-download-preview-program-beta-thing!