Marina South Pier station

Marina South Pier

I was invited to the Opening Ceremony of the Marina South Pier MRT station, which was held on Saturday (22 Nov 2014), where Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew officially opened the station.

Marina South Pier

Marina South Pier

The station has a modern design, with cues taken from its location and vicinity being near the sea and sea ports.

Marina South Pier

Marina South Pier

Marina South Pier

Marina South Pier

Marina South Pier

The Art in Transit piece at this station is titled “Past. Present. Future.”, and is formed of over 27,000 retired EZ-Link cards.

Marina South Pier

Marina South Pier

The station abbreviation and code for Marina South Pier is MSP and NS28. The project, both tracks and station, is known collectively as the North South Line extension (NSLe).

Marina South Pier

Tunnels were constructed from the Marina Bay overrun to MSP using the cut-and-cover technique (as opposed to a tunnel-boring machine). An overrun is the length of track that extends past a terminal station which may be used for turning back or parking trains).

Marina South Pier

The construction took place almost simultaneously alongside the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE). The station is built very close to the sea, on reclaimed land. Some figures:

  • Total length of cut-and-cover tunnel: 1,378m
  • Total length of station: 285m
  • Depth: 18-21m below ground level

The station will serve Marina South Pier, Marina Bay Cruise Centre, and future developments in the area.

When the Thomson-East Coast Line is completed, there will be four stations in the area: Marina Bay, Marina South Pier, Marina South, and Gardens by the Bay.

The time I (inadvertently) named a bus.

I was (I think) at Tampines interchange one day with a few close friends – they were also bus enthusiasts – chatting about buses, transport, and everything else.

One of the topics brought up was the new bendy bus SMRT had just taken on to their fleet: a MAN A24 fitted with a body by Gemilang Coachworks. It’s the first bendy bus they’ve had for almost a decade – the last was registered in 2004.

As we discussed the new MAN bendy I eventually dropped “Ben” from the name, calling it “Mandy”. I remember we realised it was a rather ironic nickname – after all the bus was a MAN!

And so I used that name online on Facebook and on forums, and that was how everyone started calling SMB388S “Mandy”.

(Now to think of another nickname for the new MAN double deck SMRT just revealed. Also, MANDeck is a stupid name.)

Office Tip: Merging two Word documents

My project group were working on a concept document, which was saved in a Dropbox shared folder. Unfortunately, more than one of us were making changes simultaneously, and we ended up with two slightly different copies of the file: filename.docx, and filename (Joey Foo’s conflicted copy…).docx.

What the easiest way to merge the differences between two documents together? Answer: it’s built into Word itself.

On the ribbon, go into the Review tab, click Compare, then choose either Compare or Combine. I want to merge both documents into a single one, so I’ll choose the latter.


In the window that opens, specify both the original document, and the revised document, then click okay.


Word will open up a new window with the document for you to check through, along with both documents on the side for comparison.


Check through the document, then save it to finish the process.

The Office suite is a very powerful set of tools: there are many more features and functions than what most people know of. If you need a function and don’t know if it exists, hit the F1 key on your keyboard to open Office’s help function, and do a search!

End of the road: openBVE add-on C751A v2.1

I have just published the very last release of the C751A add-on for openBVE, a free, open-source train simulator.

Unfortunately, development of openBVE has in recent months slowed down significantly. There has not been an update for months.

Version 2.1 will be the very last update to the relatively popular C751A add-on – a digital recreation of the 6-car Alstom North East Line trains.

To everyone who downloaded and enjoyed the add-on, a sincere thank you, for your support all the while.

This is the end of the road for the C751A add-on, and there will not be further updates, as I move on to pursue other interests.

-Joey <- Download here
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